About me

Ashkan, is a house and techno DJ/Producer based in Toronto🍁 with a Middle Eastern background immersed in the deep world of electronic music
I remain committed to spreading consciousness through music and contributing positively to the electronic music scene.

Ashkan Dian, widely known by his stage name Ashkan, is a house and techno DJ/producer based in Toronto. Since 2019, he has cultivated a substantial fan base in Toronto, Canada. In 2017, he won the Best Oriental Electronic Music award from Enmoda Magazine in Cyprus. His tracks have been supported by many notable DJs, including Black Coffee, Gabriel & Dresden, Jan Blomqvist, Zamna Sound System, Øostil, and Space Motion, who have praised him as a creative and talented producer.

Growing Up Under Restrictions In Tehran, Iran, Ashkan Was Surrounded By An Electronic Music Scene That Spanned From The Middle East To Europe. His Background Has Always Inspired Him To Keep Pushing Forward In The Musical Journey And Connecting With People Through Music. He Moved To Toronto, was inspired by Progressive House Music, and created a Mystic Vibe With His Hypnotic Transition, a fusion of exciting and energetic music that soon garnered the attention of several locals Promoters. At Shows, He's Received Great Feedback From Old And New Fans Who Appreciate His Passion For Conveying A Strong Sense Of Cultural Identity Through His Sound. Throughout His Career As An Artist, Ashkan has been Keen To Continuously Push The Boundaries Of The Electronic Genre And Expand His Mix Of Techno And House Into A Melodic Vibe.

"My passion for electronic music began in my childhood and grew as I worked hard behind the scenes, producing music day and night, leading me to attend big shows on the international scene - a journey of breaking the taboo of restrictions in the country of birth, underground music and hard work that has been worth every minute, if you ask me what the key is, the key is music production and consistency"